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Send a Message Blast from the Dashboard
Send a Message Blast from the Dashboard

This article covers the basics of sending Message Blasts from the Opus dashboard.

Written by David Lamont
Updated over a week ago

To access the Opus dashboard you must have Admin or Manager access to Opus. Click to learn more inviting Admins and Managers to Opus.

Messages 101 - Watch Video

Messages are one-way, recipients can not reply to your messages.

  • Send congratulations

  • Recognize milestones and top performers

  • Share operational updates and more!

Messages can be sent to your entire or team or a handful of individuals, and you get read receipts!

Start a Message Blast from your dashboard

There are 3 ways to start a message blast from your dashboard

  • From any trainee list

  • From any trainee user page

  • From the Messages page

Let's dig into each one

Trainee List

From the People page, click the checkbox next to one or multiple names - this will unlock a menu bar at the bottom of the screen with multiple actions. Click the Message button, then create and send your message

Trainee User Page

Click a name from the trainee list to reveal the trainee user page. Click the "Message" button to the right of "Edit" then create and send your message

Messages Page

From your Messages page, click the blue "New" icon.

Send a Message blast

Once you've initiated a message blast, a "Send Blast" modal will appear on your screen with the following sections

  • Locations and Roles

  • People

  • Message Block (emojis, media, personalization)

  • Translation

  • Scheduling

  • Notifications

Let's dig into each one.

Locations and Roles

Click the "Locations and Roles" bar, and a drop down menu will appear.

You can either use the search bar, select "all locations" or select any individual location(s)

Click "Next" or click "Roles", and either search for a role, select "all trainees", "all managers" or "all admins", or select any individual role(s).

The selections you've made will appear in the bar at the top e.g. "Baristas and Bartenders in All Locations"


If you want to message an individual person, click the "People" bar, and either use the search bar or select from the drop down.

Message Block

The message block is where you type your message, and personalize the content.

If you are sending a message to multiple people and want to address each individual by name, type "{{name}}" in the message field and our system will auto-fill each recipient's first name when they receive the message.

You can use a variety of rich text options - bold, italics, bullets and numbered lists.

Click the landscape icon to add media - you can include an image, gif, video, audio file or document in your message.

Add emojis to your messages to keep things light, fun, and engaging. Click the smiley face in the bottom right-hand corner of the message field to pull up an emoji menu.


If you've toggled any language other than English on the Languages tab of your Settings page, you will see a translation icon on the bottom left of your "Send blast" modal. Clicking this button will show you the translation of your message.

If you have more than 1 language toggled on, you can click the language drop down on the blue bar and pick the language you want to see translated

As you enter your message into the English language field at the top of the modal, the translated version(s) will appear in the message field(s) below in real time.


The default setting for all messages is to send immediately. However, you have the option to schedule your message for a particular day and time.

Click the "Scheduled" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the modal and select the day and time that you'd like to send your message


The default setting for all messages is to send only once. However, you have the option to set a daily reminder to anyone who has not opened the message.

Click Notifications and select Daily Reminders, and pick what date the reminders will end (this is a required field - use this function for time sensitive messages (e.g. new menu items, compliance training requirements)

Good To Knows

  • When you send a message, recipients are made aware that the message came from you - your name will appear as it was entered when you signed up.

  • Messages are one-way. Trainees can not respond

  • If a trainee has not downloaded the app, they will receive a text message instead, to their registered phone number

  • Your entire message history lives on the Messages page

  • Send something by accident? You can permanently delete unwanted messages from the inbox. Admins have the ability to delete any messages sent across the org. Managers can only delete messages they've sent themselves.

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