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Send a Message Blast from the Mobile app
Send a Message Blast from the Mobile app

This article covers the basics of sending messages from the Opus mobile app

Written by David Lamont
Updated over a week ago

You must have access to Manager mode in order to send messages from the Opus app. Only Admins and Managers have access to Manager mode in the Opus app.

Click here to learn more about Manager mode

Important Notes!

Messages are one-way, recipients can not reply to your messages.

  • Send congratulations

  • Recognize milestones and top performers

  • Share operational updates and more!

Messages can be sent to your entire or team or a handful of individuals, and you get read receipts!

Send a Message blast

Using Manager mode in the app to message your team is a great way to stay connected.

Here's how to send a message:

  1. Tap the "New Message" tile on your home screen

  2. From the Send Message screen, tap "Add Recipients" or the "+" icon to add your recipients. You can message any combination of trainee(s), role(s) and location(s) - there are no limits to the number of trainees you can message

  3. Message content can be any combination of the following

    1. words and emojis

    2. images or videos added from your photo library

    3. images or videos your take in real time

Adding Media

Add existing images or videos to your message by tapping the landscape icon at the bottom of the screen.

Record a new video or take a new photo by tapping the camera icon at the bottom of your screen.

Message History

To see a complete history of every message you've sent, tap the Messages icon from the menu bar at the bottom of your home screen. All messages are time stamped.

Tap a message to reveal read receipts.

Deleting Messages

Send something by accident? You can permanently delete unwanted messages from the inbox. Admins have the ability to delete any messages sent across the org. Managers can only delete messages they've sent themselves.

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