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This article is all about the Languages function within Opus and how to change your preferred language.

Written by David Lamont
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With Opus, employees can translate their training experience across 100+ global languages. When an employee selects their language in the app, all messages, courses, and modules will appear in their preferred language. Translations supports right-to-left and vertical languages.

For example, if any of your employees speak Spanish, French, Chinese, or Arabic as their primary language, Opus ensures that all courses and messages are automatically translated to suit their language needs.

For Admins & Managers

Go to Settings > Languages

Tip: ensure company-owned terms never get translated by adding them under "Excluded Translations".

To add Excluded Translations:

1) Under Excluded Translations, enter the words you would like to exclude in the Add Exclusion field. A new field will populate for each exclusion to create a list.

2) Tap Save Exclusions to add and save.

For Trainees

Tap the person icon in the top-right corner of the app, and go to Language and hit "Edit". Watch a quick video tutorial.

For Managers and Admins:

To update the preferred language for your trainees from the manager app:

  1. Tap the people page on your app

  2. Search the name of your trainee and tap their name

  3. Tap on the "profile" tab (to the right)

  4. Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner

  5. Select their preferred language and tap "save"

To update the preferred language for your trainees from the web dashboard:

  1. Go to the people page

  2. Select the name of your trainee

  3. From the profile page, click to the right of "language" to edit under details section at the bottom of the page

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