English Language Training
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Our ESL program includes 5 levels

  1. beginner

  2. high beginner

  3. intermediate

  4. high intermediate

  5. advanced

Customers can select one of two themes for their team:

  • English Training for the Food Industry

  • English Training for Custodial

Signing up

When first joining Opus, employees must complete a quick sign-up form in which they enter their name, phone number and preferred language.

Anyone that selects Spanish as their preferred language will have the option to opt-in to ESL training. Here's how:

  1. Tap the profile icon in the top right of the app

  2. Tap "Edit" under the English lessons section

  3. Select their current English language level

  4. Head back to their home screen and begin their first English language lessons

Trainees with English as their preferred language are not able to participate in English language training. Any trainee that selected English as their preferred language and would like to get English language training will need to go to their profile page and switch their preferred language. Here's how:

  1. Tap the profile icon in the top right of the app

  2. Tap "Edit" under the Language section

  3. Select a new language and tap the Save button

ESL leaderboard

Track key metrics in the dashboard. The English Training Leaderboard lives on the homepage of your dashboard and includes the following:

  • Total enrolled week to week

  • % of learners that completed a lesson in the last week

  • Lifetime leaderboard for lessons completed

  • other milestones and insights

If your team receives English language training, access the ESL leaderboard in the your dashboard here

How do I add this course to my plan?
Please contact support@opus.so if you would like to add this course to your plan. We’ll share more information and pricing.

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