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Completion Reporting Overview
Completion Reporting Overview

How to access and navigate the Reporting page in the dashboard.

Written by David Lamont
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The reporting page lives next to messages in the dashboard. This article will detail what each page shows and how to navigate the data.

Completion Reporting Overview

The Completion Reporting page is where you can track assignment completion across your organization.

Under "Completion", you'll see a heatmap dashboard of all locations and employees (rows) and all assigned courses and paths (columns). From there, you can expand your locations or regions to see completion per employee.

Use the "View Options" dropdown to adjust your reporting view:

  • Completion - View by count or percentage.

  • Filter by Location - view data for only specific location(s).

  • Filter by Role - view data for only employees with a specific role.

  • Show Content - select which courses and paths you're trying to view completion rates for. By default, your view will show all assigned content in Opus.

  • Sort Content - sort your list of content alphabetically or by assignment count.

  • Thresholds - customize your heatmap by adjusting the completion percentage for green and red thresholds.

Export a CSV or PDF of your current view by hitting "Export". Click the "Reset" to restore your view to its default state. The PDF export will display the exact view you have shown in the dashboard.


  • Adoption - How many users have enrolled.

  • Engagement - How many users have completed a lesson in the last week.

  • Leaderboard - Top users

  • Milestones

  • Insights

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