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Course Statuses
Course Statuses
Written by David Lamont
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This article is about different course statuses.

Every course has a status - Draft, Published, Unpublished Changes. The status of a course will be shown in the "Status" column to the right of the course name.

Draft: a course that has never been published and can be edited.

See all of your draft courses by sorting the course list by "Status".

All courses you build will be private by default until you publish or share them with someone. Click here to learn how to share a course.

Drafts cannot be assigned, or added to a Module.

Published: a course that has met all of the requirements to be assigned to a trainee.

Only published courses can be sent to trainees and/or added to a module. If a course does not meet the requirements to be published, you will be notified of what's missing in the content builder with a red dot on the sidebar, next to the content block that is impacted.

Click here to learn about publishing a course.

Unpublished Changes: A published course that has been edited but not yet re-published to reflect the new edits.

Courses with the status "unpublished changes" can still be sent to trainees - in this case, trainees will receive the version of the course without your recent edits.

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