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How to Access and Export Certificates
How to Access and Export Certificates

This article is about accessing and exporting certificates of completion gained in Opus.

Written by Marsharelle Tolbert
Updated over a week ago

Trainees can access their certificates in the Opus app:

  • Click “My things” in the menu bar at the bottom of your screen

  • Switch over to the “Completed” section

  • Select the desired course and scroll to the end

  • Click “View Certificate” to access

Admins and managers can export certificates from inside the dashboard:

  • Click the Export button on the Assignments tab of any course page

  • Click on the URL link in the designated column on the right hand side

<a href=";signature=b25fba73ffb08ed87e9c960a52ab0790f5508559cdbad6eaebde4c1db9d1e030" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">;signature=b25fba73ffb08ed87e9c960a52ab0790f5508559cdbad6eaebde4c1db9d1e030</a>

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