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Read this article to learn more about automated billing in Opus and your monthly invoices.

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Billing in Opus takes place automatically and begins on the date you start your Opus agreement. When your company launches on Opus, you purchase a set number of licenses. A license gets activated whenever a new employee is onboarded into Opus.

Your monthly invoice will show the purchased number of licenses, any additional licenses incurred that month, and usage-based charges like credits for premium content.

  • For example, Taylor’s World of Beef signed up for Opus and purchased 150 licenses at $93.12 per license and paid upfront to secure an annual discount. Those charges, and any one-time fees, will appear as “Fixed fee charges”.

    • Any usage-based charges (like premium content credits) will show as a separate line. The current “Draft” invoice for that billing cycle will display a live bar chart showing daily usage.

Your current invoice will show as “Draft” and past invoices will be labeled “Issued”. To access Billing, go to your Settings in the main navigation and hit “Billing”.

Issued Invoice Example

These sample invoices were created with fake customer data and are for demonstration purposes only.

Draft Invoice Example

What's the difference between Credits and Licenses?

Licenses give your employees access to a seat in Opus. Licenses are purchased up front on an annual basis and are transferrable between employees so that when one employee is deactivated in Opus, a new employee can take their seat. You may add a new license at any time and will be billed automatically as a "additional licenses". Additional licenses are priced based on your rate schedule decided at signup.

Credits give your employees access to premium content in Opus, like compliance training! Credits can be purchased up front on annual basis or in the dashboard (Settings > Billing > Credits). Credit pricing begins at $10 per credit and can be purchased in bulk for a discount. Credits are non-transferrable and are used at the time of assignment. Once premium content has been assigned, a credit will be deducted from your credit balance and reflected on your active invoice. If your credit balance is 0, an additional credit charge will incur at the $10 per credit rate.

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