Subtitles In Opus

This article will cover how to add subtitles

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This article covers how to enable subtitles and how to edit subtitles.

Enabling Subtitles

Subtitles must be manually toggled on on the users device whether in Opus or via other media on the device, but only once. After subtitles are initially turned on, it becomes the default experience for the user moving forward in the app.

To turn on subtitles in videos for iPhone:

  • Tap the video

  • Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner

  • Select your language

To toggle off subtitles, tap the three dots in the bottom right corner and select off.

Editing Subtitles

Once subtitles are enabled by a user, admins and managers are able to edit video subtitles in the web dashboard.

If subtitles are not enabled by anyone in your organization, you will not see the "edit subtitles" option in screen settings.

To edit subtitles:

  • open the course and click the screen with the video

  • under screen settings on the right, click "edit subtitles"

  • click into the text fields under the time stamps to begin editing

  • save

💡Tip: click on the time stamps under "edit subtitles" to jump to a certain spot in your video to listen to the soundtrack and edit the corresponding subtitles.

Here's a quick screen recording with step by step instructions:

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