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Credits Overview

Read this article to get a quick understanding of how credits are purchased and used in Opus.

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Credits let you access premium content (like compliance training!) in Opus. You can purchase credits in Opus by going to the Marketplace and clicking on the Credit Balance icons:

Your credit balance is divided into two categories:

  • Credits indicate how many credits you have purchased.

  • Assigned Credits represent the credits that have been assigned but not yet started. Once the assignment is started the credit will be deducted from the balance.

In the example above, there are 100 credits total in the balance, 5 of which have been allocated to assignment(s).

Anytime a premium content assignment is started, a credit will be deducted from both your Credit and Assigned balances. If your credit balance is 0, you'll be charged the retail price of that premium content at $10/credit.

How Credits Work

Purchasing in Bulk

If your organization has 100 employees and all 100 need to be trained and certified for Sexual Harassment Prevention, you'll need to purchase at least 100 credits. Buying credits in bulk helps you save overtime since you have flexibility on when those credits are consumed.

  • Please note: you do not have to spend all 100 credits at once! Credits never expire and are deducted from your balance at the time a user starts their assignment.

Monitoring your Balance

If 5 employees need Sexual Harassment Prevention training, your balance would show 100 credits with 5 Assigned Credits waiting to be deducted from your credit balance when the assignment is started. Once those 5 assignments are started, your balance will go down to 95 credits with 0 Assigned credits.

  • We've set up credit behavior to work this way so that you're protected from employee turnover in the event a new employee leaves before starting their assignment. You can re-distribute that credit to another employee.

How to Purchase Credits

Credits can be purchased upfront at a discount at any time in the dashboard. This gives you the ability to only purchase as much as you need and save some cash along the way.

Simply type in the number of credits you're looking to purchase, and we'll calculate the best rate. Credits cannot be transferred between users and never expire.

If an employee is assigned premium content, and there are insufficient credits in your balance, you will be automatically billed the $10/credit rate, so it's important to keep an eye on your credit balance so that you know when to re-up! We'll alert you via email and in the dashboard whenever your Assigned Credit Balance is about to exceed your Total Credit Balance. This will also be indicated by a red Total Balance icon in the dashboard.

Any overages in credit usage will be billed automatically on your monthly invoice. To track usage or see your current credit balance, go to Settings > Billing.

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