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Best Practices For Due Dates
Best Practices For Due Dates

This article will cover best practices for assigning due dates to content

Written by Marsharelle Tolbert
Updated over a week ago

Due Dates help you manage when trainees should complete their assignments. In Opus, you can assign due dates by calendar date or number of days.

Due Dates by Calendar Date

Due Dates by calendar date are best for courses that will no longer be assigned after said date. Anyone that is assigned the course after that due date will default to Past Due until they complete the course.

Due Dates by Number of Days

Day-based due dates (e.g. 7 days) require that an assignment must be completed within a fixed number of days from its initial assignment. This option is great for assignments that are date agnostic.

To add a due date to a Course of a Module:

  • Click into the Course or Module Detail page

  • Under Settings, click into Due Date

  • Select a Date or Days

Updating Due Dates

Whenever a due date for a module or course is added or updated, the update applies to new assignees only. For those who have already been assigned the content, it needs to be reassigned to trainees in order to reflect the change and activate notifications.

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