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How to Use AI-Assist
How to Use AI-Assist

Generate full modules outlines and course templates with just a few clicks using AI.

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With AI-Assist, you can create brand new modules or courses in a fraction of the time. Convert existing text from PDFs, Powerpoints, or images into brand new modules and courses. In the builder, you can also use AI-Assist to adjust your tone, interactivity level, simplify text, and receive emoji, image and quiz suggestions.

Create Module Outlines

There are 3 different ways to create a new module outline with AI-Assist.

  • Option 1: Uploading existing training materials (PDFs, Powerpoints, Images)

  • Option 2: Using an existing resource in your Library

  • Option 3: Describe the module using a short description

For the purpose of this example, we'll go with Option 2: Using an existing resource.

  • Click "Select Resource" and choose which resource you'd like to create a new module from.

  • From there, AI-Assist will crawl the text on the resource to create an outline for each course.

  • By clicking into each course, you'll see the final AI prompt for you to generate each new course.

    • Using the original resource, AI-Assist has already pulled descriptions of each course from that resource. Make sure each description looks good and edit as needed.

    • Next, you can decide on whether you want AI-Assist to merely organize the text it was given into a new course or if you want AI-Assist to get creative and add in new content that it deems relevant to your course material.

    • Adjust your tone and level of interactivity. The more interactive a course is, the more quizzes there will be!

Once your module looks good, click "Publish" in the top right. You can edit the module as one or access and edit courses individually in your library.

Generate New Course Templates

AI-Assist also lets you generate entire course templates in just a few clicks. To get started:

  • Go to Courses and click the + New course button

  • Select "AI-generated course"

Follow the steps to customize your new course template:

  • Tone

    • Adjust the tone of the language to match your company's brand and the nature of the content.

  • Interactivity

    • Courses with minimal interactivity will not include quizzes. Courses with maximal interactivity will include quizzes in between lessons.

  • Description

    • Give a brief 1-2 sentence overview of what you'd like this course to be about. Be as descriptive as possible.

    • Already have content you want to convert into a course? Copy and paste text from an existing doc or PDF and paste it into the text box.

  • Hit "Submit!"

Once the course template has been generated, you'll be able to edit the content, add blocks, check-ins, and any media!

Generate Text, Emojis, Images, and Quizzes

AI-Assist also lives inside the content builder so that you can pull in the power of AI to get text, emoji, image, and quiz suggestions. You can also use AI-Assist to rewrite, simplify, extend, and shorten existing text.

  • Text Suggestions

    • Simplify text - rewrite the existing text on the screen so that it reads at a 6th grade level.

    • Fix spelling & grammar

    • Extend text

    • Shorten text

  • Image Suggestions

    • Images will auto-populate from a stock image library based on the content on the screen or inside of your course.

  • Emoji Suggestions

    • Break up sentences and keep your content more visually engaging by adding emojis.

  • Generate text

    • AI Assist will reference the pre-existing screens to generate 1-3 new screens.

  • Generate questions

    • Automatically create quiz questions based on pre-existing content.

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