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Billing FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Billing in Opus.

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What is a credit? How is that different from a user license? Is that a separate charge?

  • Credits in Opus give you access to premium content like compliance training. Credits allow you to purchase premium content and assign training to employees so that you only spend what you need. Credits cost $10 each and are incurred whenever premium content is assigned. Credits are non-transferable.

  • Licenses in Opus allow you to assign seats to all of your employees in Opus. Licenses are purchased upfront on an annual basis and are transferrable between employees. License pricing varies depending on your rate schedule and total number of licenses purchased.

  • Any additional licenses or credits are billed on a monthly basis and will be shown on your monthly invoice.

How do I get notified of upcoming invoices?

  • Upcoming invoices will be sent to the assigned point of contact email address on the Billing settings page. Invoices are also sent to any Opus user with access to "Manage Billing" on their user permissions.

  • Invoices are sent 15, 7, 3, and 1 day(s) before the invoice is due.

Are user licenses transferable?

  • Yes! Licenses are transferable between employees so that when an employee is deactivated in Opus, that seat can be passed onto a new employee.

Are course credits transferable?

  • No, credits are non-transferable in Opus and are consumed as soon as the premium content is assigned.

Do we get charged for deactivated employees?

  • There is no fee for deactivated employees. Your invoice is reflective of the maximum number of activated employees you've had in Opus at one time. For example:

    • In January, Company A purchased 100 licenses at signup for 100 active employees.

      • January invoice is reflective of 100 licenses.

    • In March, Company A hired on 5 more employees, incurring 5 additional licenses.

      • March invoice is reflective of 105 licenses, but Company A is only charged for the 5 additional licenses.

    • In June, 10 employees left Company A and were deactivated in Opus.

      • June invoice is still reflective of 105 licenses. Company A has 10 unoccupied licenses. There will be no active balance on the June invoice.

How do I request termination of my Opus account?

  • You’re free to terminate your contract at any time and can do so by contacting us at Certain provisions of the agreement will survive termination, such as payment obligations and terms regarding ownership or intellectual property rights.

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