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Compliance Reporting Overview
Compliance Reporting Overview

Get a single source of truth for compliance training in Opus.

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Now you can track all of your compliance training completion data in one dashboard.

Inside Compliance Reporting, you'll find a heat map-style dashboard (similar to Completion Reporting) of all current compliance training that has been added to your library and assigned to employees. This dashboard offers you a single source of truth for how locations and employees are pacing for completing their compliance training.

By clicking into an individual location or region, you'll see a list of all active assignments, expiration dates, and their completion status:

Export views to a CSV file by clicking "Export" in the top right corner and view certificates by clicking the three dots at the end of each row and clicking "Download Certificate".

To track compliance status for employees that received training outside of Opus, send their certificate to and we'll manually mark the employee as compliant so that you have a single-source of truth for compliance.

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