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How to Create QR Code Assignments
How to Create QR Code Assignments

Make training content accessible on the floor with QR codes that automatically assign modules, courses, and resources once they're scanned.

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Let employees self-assign modules, courses, and resources with just one scan of a QR code. Automatically generate unique QR codes for modules, courses, and resources in the dashboard so that your team can access the training content they need without requiring an admin or manager.

How to Create a QR Code

  • Go to the "Manage" tab of any Module, Course, or Resource in the Library.

  • Next to "QR code assignable", click "Yes"

  • Once the QR code appears, click "View" to add or remove the Opus logo and show the name of the module, course, or resource.

  • Note: showing the Opus logo and lets your team know that this QR code is tied to training in Opus.

  • Click "Download" to export a quick PNG file of the QR code. From there, you can print it out or have it placed on any existing collateral.

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