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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Configuration
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Configuration

This article will cover key points on the process of setting up Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Written by Marsharelle Tolbert
Updated over a week ago

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training configuration is easy with the assistance of your designated Customer Success Manager. A quick call will have you set up for assignment in no time, but here are a few things to know about the process:

SHP Policy

In order to set up your Sexual Harassment Prevention training in your library, we need to upload your company policy into the system. You can email this to your Customer Success Manager ahead of your configuration call. The policy should be provided in the form of a pdf for upload.

Locations and Roles

Employees cannot be assigned SHP training without being attached to a location and role. Because various states have specific requirements for their SHP training, this is necessary information for assignment automation.

Supervisor vs Non-Supervisor Course Assignments

Opus offers both supervisor and non-supervisor versions of SHP training. Select the roles that you would like to receive the supervisor training by first going to your course overview page, then settings. Click on the roles that you would like to be assigned the supervisor training by selecting from the drop down menu:

Manual Assignments vs Automations

If you do not wish to automate the assignment of your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, you have the option to manually assign. Once the course is loaded into your library click the blue assign button in the top right corner of the course overview page in order to assign to individuals.

Compliance Status Report

Opus houses the compliance status of your employees on the Compliance reporting page. If you have employees that have taken their SHP training prior to your organization transitioning to Opus, we can upload your existing record into Opus so that you have one source of truth. A form will need to be submitted to your Customer Success Manager with the names, locations, and completion dates of the training in order for this to be input in the system. Reach out to your CSM with questions.

Automatic Recertification

If your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is automated, you can also automate recertifications as well. In this instance, the course will be reassigned to trainees 30 days prior to their compliance renewal date.

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