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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training FAQs
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training FAQs
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How do you handle training time requirements in required states? (e.g. in Illinois)?

  • For states that require Sexual Harassment Prevention or Anti-Harassment Training (CA, IL, DE, NY, CT, ME), our is created by top labor law experts to ensure our courses meet time specifications in required states. This also includes creating versions tailored to supervisors and non-supervisors.

How do you track time completion when the courses are self-paced?

  • We track all training sessions that occur on the Opus Training mobile app. Since SHP is not a timed course or exam, employees can complete the course overtime. In Opus, we’ll be able to report the total of all the training sessions.

Are there any jurisdictions that you do not support?

  • At this time, we do not have a training course for Supervisors in California. Additionally, due to in-person training requirements, we do not offer training for supervisors in Washington D.C.. However, we are currently working on a version for non-supervisors in Washington D.C..

How often do you refresh training?

  • As laws change, we work with our partners at Fox-Rothschild LLP to ensure each course stays up to date. We review at a minimum once a year.

Can I customize my Sexual Harassment Prevention training?

  • While the course content itself is not editable, you have the ability to include your own company-specific policies, including a link to your complaint form, HR contact, and link to your company policy.

If a course is assigned but they don't complete it, can we get those credits back?

  • Credits are deducted from your account when training is started. If an employee is assigned and terminated but has not started their training, that credit will not be deducted from your balance.

Can you automatically assign employees to re-certify?

  • Yes! When you set up Sexual Harassment Prevention training in Opus, you have the option to automatically reassign all employees one month from their date of compliance so that each team member is automatically receives SHP training each year. This makes Sexual Harassment Prevention training truly set-it and forget-it.

How does auto-recertification work?

  • For states where Sexual Harassment Prevention training are required annually (IL, NY, and ME) and our Fundamentals courses, you have the option to turn on auto-recertification so that employees are automatically reassigned SHP 11 months from their original certification date. This keeps your team compliant 24/7/365.

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