Listen Mode Overview

Enable courses and modules to be read aloud in Opus.

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Listen to Learn in the Opus Training mobile app

In an effort to make training in Opus accessible to all learning styles, users in Opus have the ability to enable "Listen Mode" on their courses. Listen Mode allows you to use text-to-voice technology to have course content read aloud in any language supported by your device.

To enable Listen Mode, simply go to any course and switch the toggle on. Listen Mode will automatically defer to your chosen language in Opus and supports up to 60 languages

When Listen Mode is on, Opus will read the message prompts, quiz questions, and response options (if applicable).

Listen Mode can be toggled on/off from the course detail screen and from within the course itself in the header. If a user has decided to turn it on, we will remember that and automatically have Listen Mode on when they complete future courses.

After a screen is read, users will see a “Read again” button so they can re-listen to the content. Since Listen Mode is dependent on the languages available on a user’s device, a user is limited to only the languages supported by iOS and Android’s native accessibility features.


How many languages are available on Listen Mode?

  • At this time, this list encompasses about 60 languages, but can easily be updated as new language support is added to devices.

Why don't I see "Listen Mode" available as an option?

What if my training uses media like GIFs, emojis, or videos?

  • Listen mode only works on text-based training. If your course contains GIFs or emojis, Opus will skip over those. Videos will automatically play for the trainee.

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