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Why didn't I get a verification code?

If you didn't receive a verification code, your phone likely blocks short code texts. You can select "verify by phone" and you will receive a phone call with the verification code instead.

Who should I contact if I have a question about how to use Opus?

You can reach us over email or chat.

  • Email 📧

    • If you have a question about how the platform works - whether in the app or the dashboard - you can email

  • Chat 💬

    • If you're in the web dashboard, click the Help button on the top right of your screen. This will give you the option to either

  • Go to our Knowledge Base 🧠

    • Most questions will be answered here; if not, you can start a chat using the bubble in the bottom right of the screen

  • Submit feedback 📣

    • Looking to share thoughts about the product? Submit them in the dashboard by clicking "Help" in the top right of the navigation.

How can I add new admins?

Any new admins to Opus must be invited via the web dashboard. Only individuals that have been invited as admins from within your dashboard will get access to your dashboard.

If you send someone a link to the dashboard without inviting them as an admin first, they will be unable to login. Their attempt to login will be flagged, and an Opus team member will contact you with instructions on how to invite admins to the dashboard.

Click here for instructions on how to invite an admin to Opus

How many people can I invite to Opus?

You can invite an unlimited number of Admins and Managers to Opus. The number of trainees you can invite is based upon the number of seats you've purchased.

Will Opus create training modules for me?

Opus is designed so that creating and assigning content is intuitive and (most importantly) fast. We've incorporated generative AI into our content builder so that you can create courses using just a brief description and convert existing paper training into brand new modules.

Depending on your Opus plan, our content development team may transfer your existing training content into your Opus library. We also have an ever growing course catalog filled with custom content for you to utilize . Read more about the catalog here.

Does everyone get access to the app and the dashboard?

Only Admins and Managers have access to the dashboard. All employees have access to the app.

The app will look a little different for managers and trainees.

Manager mode 🤳

Admins and Managers have access to manager mode in the app as soon as they're invited to Opus from the dashboard. Click here to learn more about inviting admins from the dashboard.

Trainee mode 🤳

Trainees have access to trainee mode in the app as soon as they sign up to a location. Click here to learn more about inviting trainees to a location.

Admins and managers can get access to trainee mode if they assign themselves to a location.

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