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Library Overview

This article covers how to navigate the content library

Written by David Lamont
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Your Library lives on the left-side of the dashboard and houses all of the content you create or upload into Opus. In this article, we'll dive in to each section of your Library:


In Opus, there are 4 types of content:


Courses are designed to train employees on one topic. Courses are usually made of a series of lessons and can be graded for accuracy and completion. Courses also allow for award certification once completed.

Note: You can sort courses by status - Draft, Published, and Unpublished Changes.


Modules are a series of content (courses, check-ins, resources) that map out to a larger training journey in Opus. Moduless are laid out so that they can be completed throughout the duration of a training period and cover a variety of topics. A popular use case for a module in Opus is New Hire Onboarding.


Files are any company assets (PDF’s, images, videos) that are uploaded into Opus and shared with employees.


Check-ins allow you to assess trainees once they've completed a course or module.

Clicking "All Content" allows you to see all of your content at once.


Tags enable you to quickly organize your content across multiple categories. Use them to put your content into "buckets" by grouping them together under subjects such as menu specials, food safety, etc.. This allows you to use the search bar at the top of the dashboard to quickly access files by their tag or title.

Adding and Removing Tags:

Under Modules, Courses, Resources, and Check-ins you'll have the option to add and remove tags by either:

  1. Clicking into any field under the Tags column

  2. Clicking into the thumbnail image under the Name column - a blue menu bar will appear with the options

In the Library, on the top left, you will see a button that says “Show: All tags”.

  • Filter by tag to see all content with that given tag. When switching between types of content, that tag will carry over.

  • Multiple tags can be added to a single piece of content!

Allow your trainees to organize their files in the app - here's how:

  1. From "Show: All tags", hover over the tag that needs to be edited.

  2. Click the three dots to the right of the tag to edit the name of the tag.

  3. Click “visible to employees”

**Reminder: trainees can only see files that have been assigned to them, regardless of tags.

To Delete a Tag altogether:

  1. Click into the Tags Field.

  2. Hover over the tag and click the ellipses to the right.

  3. Select Delete.

Archiving and Duplicate Content


Courses, Modules, and Files are not deleted but rather archived.

Here's how to archive content:

  1. Hover over the title

  2. Click the ellipses icon to the right

  3. Select Archive from the dropdown menu

Here's how to recover archived content:

  1. Click on the Archived tab, underneath "All Content" in the Library

  2. Hover over the title

  3. Click the ellipses icon to the right

  4. Select "Unarchive" from the drop-down


Courses and Modules can be duplicated as well. There are two ways to create a duplicate:

From the library:

  1. Hover over the title

  2. Click the ellipses icon to the right

  3. Select Duplicate from the dropdown menu

From the content detail page:

  1. Click the ellipses next to the blue "Assign" button

  2. Select Duplicate from the dropdown menu

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