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Sexual Harassment training for the entire U.S.

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Our Sexual Harassment Prevention training content is created in partnership with Fox Rothschild LLP. SHP content is available for all states that mandate Sexual Harassment Prevention training with versions tailored toward supervisors and non-supervisors. For states without mandated SHP compliance, we've created a 'Sexual Harassment Training - Fundamentals' course. All courses automatically translate across 100+ languages and scripts, with up to 99% translation accuracy.

Unlike typical SHP compliance training, employees complete training in the form of micro-lessons or they can complete it in one shift. With Opus, no one has to step foot in a classroom to learn. All employees receive a personalized, digital certificate upon completion.

6 states (CA, CT, DE, IL, ME and NY) have unique requirements for Sexual Harassment Prevention training. We've worked with experts to create a fundamentals version for non-required states. All employees in Opus (supervisors and non-supervisors) are automatically assigned the correct version for their state and role. See the full course catalog below:

California – Non-Supervisors

California – Supervisors (Coming soon!)
Connecticut – Non-Supervisors
Connecticut – Supervisors
Delaware – Non-Supervisors
Delaware – Supervisors
Foundations (All Other States) – Non-Supervisors
Foundations (All Other States) – Supervisors
Illinois & Chicago – Non-Supervisors
Illinois & Chicago – Supervisors
Maine – Non-Supervisors
Maine – Supervisors
New York & NYC – Non-Supervisors
New York & NYC – Supervisors

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State-Mandated SHP Training Compliance

In your catalog you'll find 11 total Sexual Harassment courses, including a Sexual Harassment Prevention - Fundamentals course for employees in states that don't mandate anti-harassment training as well as a Sexual Harassment Prevention - New York (Managers) course for frontline leaders in New York State.

Please note that each course reassigns in accordance with state law.

  • Fundamentals (course outline) - reassigns annually

  • California - reassigns every 2 years

    • Cal. Gov. Code §§ 12950, 12950.1

    • Cal. Code Regs., tit. 2, § 11024

  • Connecticut - reassigns every 10 years

    • Conn. Gen. Stat. § 46a-54(15)

    • Conn. Agencies Regs. §§ 46a-54-200 - 46a-54-207

  • Delaware - reassigns every 2 years

    • 19 Del Chap. § 711A(g)

  • Maine - reassigns annually

    • 26 Me. Rev. Stat. § 807 (Maine Human Rights Act)

  • New York - reassigns annually

    • N.Y. Lab. Law § 201-g

      • Local Law 96; Section 201-g of the Labor Law

  • Illinois - reassigns annually

    • 775 Ill. Comp. Stat. §§ 5/2-109, 5/2–110

SHP Fundamentals Overview

What is harassment?

  • Words to know

  • Discrimination and sexual harassment

Who, What, Where can Sexual Harassment occur?

  • Scenario: Tamara, GM at fast food chain

  • Gender identity, Gender expression, and sexual harassment

The Power of Saying "No"

  • Scenario: Mina, Cashier at grocery store

  • Who is protected by law?

Quid Pro Quo harassment

  • Not all sexual harassment has to involve sex, who to report to

  • Who can be a harasser? Who can be harassed?

3rd parties: Customers

  • Scenario: Fatima, receptionist at hotel

  • Being off the clock, being on or off work property

3rd parties: Vendors

  • Scenario: Mike, server at restaurant

  • Sexual orientation and sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment and Race

  • Scenario: Jessica, part-time hostess at upscale restaurant

  • Intersectionality of race and gender discrimination

Sexual Harassment and Religion

  • Scenario: Lutfunnessa, barback at fast casual restaurant

  • Intersectionality of religious and gender discrimination

Employer Legal Requirements

  • Scenario: Lourdes, prep cook at fast casual restaurant

  • Signage, translations, flyers, and policies required by employers


  • Scenario: Ditya, expediter and Claire, supervisor

  • What is retaliation? What are some examples?

Bystander Intervention

  • Scenario: John, fry cook and Robert, fry cook

  • What is allyship? Bystanders versus managers responsibility

How to File a Complaint

  • Procedures for reporting inside the workplace

  • Resources and processes for filing outside the workplace

Boost Accountability

Keeping track of completion is fully automated for you and your team. Employees receive a digital certificate of achievement upon completion. Executives can download certificates with 1 click. E-signatures are available as well.

How do I add this course to my library?
Please contact or reach out to your customer success manager if you would like to add this course to your library. We’ll share more information and pricing. You can also learn more about the configuration process in this article.

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