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What is Compliance in Opus?
What is Compliance in Opus?
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Wage and Hour Compliance

Compliance allows you to mandate which actions in the app require clock-in confirmation. There are three actions to choose from:

  • Lessons - when a trainee taps to begin a lesson

  • Files - when a trainee taps to view a file

  • Messages - when a trainee taps to view a message

Clicking the toggle for any of the above will trigger a pop up in the app requiring the trainee click "Yes" or "No" in response to the question, "Are you clocked in right now", before proceeding with that action.

  • If a trainee taps "yes", they will be allowed to proceed with the action and will not be asked to confirm clock-in for another 4 hours.

  • If a trainee replies "no", they will receive another pop-up message reminding them that they must be clocked-in in order to proceed. If they attempt the action again, they will again be asked again to confirm that they are clocked-in.

Export training session times from this page as well - under Training Session Reports, click "Generate Export" - this is a CSV export that shows when your team is using Opus.

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