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Check-ins Overview
Check-ins Overview
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Introducing Check-ins

Wondering where Skill Verifications went? No worries. We just renamed them to "Check-ins". The same feature and functionality you love, just a new name ✨

Why Check-ins?

Check-ins reflect our commitment to building a training platform that blends in-person training moments with digital training that actually engages your team. While Skill Verifications focused primarily on assessing skills and offered a limited feature set, Check-ins open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Consistent, trackable outcomes starts with customization

With Check-ins, you can facilitate in-person training and measure the outcome effectively through a customizable form that lets you set context for the Check-in, add Yes/No or 1-10 rating questions, and require photo upload so that you have even more visibility into how your frontline is performing. Check-ins also ensure consistency by bridging the gap between the training content a team member consumes on Opus and the on-the-job interactions they already have with managers or team leaders.

Create, assign, and delegate Check-ins

In L&D, we hear the term “coaches” a lot, but with complex shift schedules and turnover, what does that mean for your frontline? Check-ins flexibly allow any team member to facilitate a Check-in through delegation. With just a few taps, managers can delegate Check-ins to different team members so that they can take one thing off their plate and leverage all team members’ expertise. We know that these on-the-job training moments already happen. By incorporating a Check-in into your training modules, you get to track performance and keep everyone accountable.

A blank canvas for collaboration

By shifting our focus to Check-ins, we're opening up the doors to more than just skill verification. While role and skill verifications are still achievable, Check-ins can be used in a variety of ways across training use cases:

  • Coaching Moments

    • Generate QR codes for modules with Check-ins that can be readily assigned and accessed on the floor.

  • Role & Skill certifications

    • Get in person demonstrations of skills that help team members level up into new roles.

  • Reinforcement training

    • Create quizzes with follow-up Check-ins to ensure that everyone’s up to speed.


What happens to my existing Skill Verifications?

  • Nothing! They're simply categorized as "Check-ins" now.

How are team members notified that a Check-in has been delegated to them?

  • If a team member has a Check-in delegated to them, they'll be notified via push notification in the app.

Can Check-ins be delegated by managers as well?

  • Yes! When a module is assigned, any Location Manager or Admin will be the default facilitator for that Check-in.

What else changed with this update?

  • With this change, we removed the "Verify Skills" permission. Moving forward, Location Managers and Admins can facilitate a Check-in by default, but Check-ins can be delegated to Trainees as well on a one-off or ongoing basis.

  • Any Trainee (non-manager/non-admin) who has verified a skill before has been given an "ongoing delegation" so they can continue to complete those Check-ins.

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