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This article is all about building courses in your Opus library.

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Only Admins and Managers can create courses. Admins can create, edit and assign any course in the course library. Managers can edit and assign courses based on the permissions that Admins set for them.

Click here to learn more about Admin and Managers permissions

Click here to learn about how assignments work

Here is how to create a course from scratch:

  1. Go to Courses

  2. Click the "New Course" button in the top right

  3. There are 4 ways to build a new course in Opus:

    1. Building a "Blank Course" from scratch.

    2. Building off of an existing template from our Marketplace.

    3. Using AI Assist to generate full templates. Learn more about AI here.

    4. Creating a course from a SCORM file using our Articulate Rise integration. Click here to learn more.

Content Screens

A course is comprised of one or more concepts related to a topic. Click the "?" button in the bottom right of your course page for tips and tricks on course creation.

Within a course there are 7 types of content screens:

  • Text

  • Title Screen

  • Image Choice

  • Multiple Choice

  • True/False

  • Short Response

  • Open Ended

Create a new Screen

Click the "+" button in the content builder to create a new content screen. Hover between two existing content screens to reveal the "+" button.

Copy/Paste Screens

To copy/paste screens within a course, select one or more screens:

  • to copy: click "Command C" on your computer or "Copy from clipboard" in the "..." dropdown to the right of the screens

  • to paste: click "Command V" on your computer

To multi-select screens, hold down "Shift" while clicking multiple screens.

You can include Course Cover images in order to give trainees a visual sneak peak into the content. Please note that the current size for these images is 400x180 pixels.

AI Assist Screen Suggestions

Not sure what to add next? Use AI Assist to receive thoughtful screen(s) and quiz suggestions based on the pre-existing course content. AI Assist uses the content you've already added to the course to offer additional content screens or automatically generate a quiz.

It's important to keep in mind that AI Assist results are suggestions designed to help you write course content, and may not be ready to publish. AI Assist results may not always be factually accurate. AI Assist does not use or have access to any other data other than content written in screens in the current course.


Each course should ideally start and end with Text screens. The first Text screen should introduce the course and include things like: course title and length of the course. The final screen should acknowledge that the course has been completed and congratulate the trainee.

Other Text screens are used to provide the trainee with information relevant to the questions posed throughout the lesson.

Title Screens

Insert a title screen to breakup lengthy courses with full bleed screens that feature large headline-sized text.

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice prompts can be presented with questions or fill-in-the-blank sentences. Correct answers can include "all of the above", "none of the above", or there can be more than one correct answer, for example: "both a and c".


Keep true false answers simple. Make sure you select the correct answer at the bottom of the prompt

Short Response

This prompt is for short answer questions that have a clear, correct answer (What is the first and last name of the President of the United States?). Trainees must respond by typing out their answers.

The answer should be fairly obvious and easy to spell out, or a number. Short answer prompts are a useful way to drive home a point or idea that has been previously explored and should be well understood by the trainee.


This prompt is for open-ended questions with no correct answer - trainees can respond with anything they'd like. Use this to ensure understanding of more complex topics, or for general feedback (like a survey). For example: What is one of our core values, and what is one way you live this value every day?

Managers can review the answers - here’s how:

  1. Click into course detail page

  2. Click Assignments tab

  3. Either export all answers to see them all in one document, or click on a specific trainee to see their answers.


There are a few shortcuts you can use when building a course to personalize content with ease.

Use: {{name}} to auto populate the trainee's name

Use: {{company}} to auto populate the name of your company

Media and Emojis


Click the settings icon on the top right of any content screen in the builder and then select "Add Media" from the screen settings. A piece of media could be an image, gif, video, or document. You can only add one piece of media per content screen.

There are 3 categories of media available once you've opened the Add Media modal

  • My Files - collection of files you have uploaded to the library

  • Gifs - supported by giphy

  • Images

Click the Paste Link button to attach a url.

Click the Upload File button to attach any file from your device or drag and drop a file from your device. If you save the file to the library, it will be available to add to any courses moving forward.

Hover over the file to click "Assign" if you want the file to be available to the trainee outside of the course


Click the smiley face in the screen settings to unlock the emoji picker. Use emojis to reinforce an idea or concept. Emojis can also take the place of punctuation marks like periods, bullet points, dashes and more!

Course Versions, Preview, and Settings

Course Versions

Users can now view the draft or published version of a course and view course version history from a pull-down list in the course builder.

  • At the top of the course builder, click the version dropdown.

  • Toggle between "draft" and "published" to view the two versions in your course builder and the version history.


To preview your course, you must have the mobile app downloaded.

  1. Click the eye icon in the top right corner of your course builder

  2. A preview will be sent to your phone to preview the in-app experience

Course Settings

To add and update settings on your course, click the gear icon in the top right corner of your course builder.

Course settings allow you to manage due dates, award certificates, allow for wrong answers, set passing grades, and manage general access of the course for admins and managers.

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