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Your Settings page is where you create and manage the following:


The Language tab allows you to set language preferences throughout your entire organization. With Opus, employees can translate their training experience across 100+ global languages. Opus automatically provides languages according to your selected plan, so you do not need to take additional action in order to access them.

When an employee selects their language in the app, all messages, courses, and modules will appear in their preferred language.

For example, if any of your employees speak Spanish, French, Chinese, or Arabic as their primary language, Opus ensures that all courses and messages are automatically translated to suit their language needs.

Click here for more information on languages and translations.


This tab allows you to select which actions in the app require clock-in confirmation. There are three actions to choose from:

  • Lessons - when a trainee taps to begin a lesson

  • Files - when a trainee taps to view a file

  • Messages - when a trainee taps to view a message

Clicking the toggle for any of the above will trigger a pop up in the app requiring the trainee click "Yes" or "No" in response to the question, "Are you clocked in right now", before proceeding with that action.

If a trainee taps "yes", they will be allowed to proceed with the action and will not be asked to confirm clock-in for another 4 hours.

If a trainee replies "no", they will receive another pop-up message reminding them that they must be clocked-in in order to proceed. If they attempt the action again, they will again be asked again to confirm that they are clocked-in.

Export training session times from this page as well - under Training Session Reports, click "Generate Export" - this is a CSV export that shows when your team is using Opus.


Each week, Opus sends all admins a training report with high level performance data from the previous week.

All of this data is accessible in your dashboard. Click the toggle to turn off weekly emails to your admins.


Under Appearance, upload your brand’s logo and enter your brand's color code to transform the app experience for managers and trainees. 💫

When an employee completes a course, they receive a certificate of completion. In the brand tab, you have the option to add an “endorser” - typically the Director of Training, CEO, etc. to further personalize the training experience. Find this under "Certificate Endorser"


If you have the Pro plan, you can connect Opus to your existing HRIS. Connecting to your HRIS allowing admins to see which employees are in their HRIS but not yet in Opus.

Click here to learn more about the Integrations we offer.

Want to upgrade to Premium plan? Reach out to to inquire about upgrading!

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