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Importing Files - SCORM (Articulate Rise 360)
Importing Files - SCORM (Articulate Rise 360)

This article is all about importing SCORM files from Articulate Rise 360

Written by David Lamont
Updated over a week ago

Any SCORM .zip files from the Articulate Rise 360 content authoring platform can be uploaded to Opus.

Here’s how to import a SCORM file:

  1. Click the blue "+" button on the top left of the page

  2. From the drop down menu select the "Course" button.

  3. Click “Import Articulate Rise 360”

  4. Select one file or multiple files at a time from your device

  5. Click “Upload”

Once your file is uploaded it will be moved into your Library with a "Draft" status. From there, you can make any edits to a course as usual.

Click here to learn more about course statuses.

A few things to note about courses made from SCORM files:

  • Any media in the course will have to be saved to library if you want trainees to have access to it outside of the course

  • Some content will not be mapped exactly, so this placeholder message will be added: “This is a placeholder for a(n) ___ prompt that could not automatically be recreated”

Click here to learn more about course building.

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