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How to Create a Check-in
How to Create a Check-in

Use this guide to create a Check-in inside of a module using the content builder.

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Check-ins give you the ability to blend on-the-job training moments with your digital training through measurable in-person training events. Adding a Check-in to a Module lets you ensure your training is being carried out on the floor using a custom form that ensures managers and trainers are verifying the event properly with team members.

In order to create a Check-in, go to the Builder and create a Module. Check-ins live inside a Module and can accompany a course or resource (or stand on their own!).

  • Create a New Module from scratch or by using the AI-powered outline creator

  • Click "Create Content" and go to "New Check-in"

Once you're in the Check-in form builder, name your Check-in and give it a cover photo and description. This information will be visible to both your managers and trainees so provide as much context as possible.

From there, you'll be able to build your form using two different question types:

  • Yes/No

  • 1-10 rankings

Each question will allow for optional fields that should be completed by the Facilitator of the Check-in (this could be an Admin, Manager or Trainee), including the option for them to upload a photo as proof that the Check-in was completed.

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