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Course Management
Written by David Lamont
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This article covers managing the courses in your Opus library.

Managing courses includes - assigning, publishing, editing and removing courses. Only Admins and Managers can manage courses - Trainees can only complete courses

Course Detail Page

Course Detail Page 101 - Watch Video

When you click on a course title from your Library, you'll access the course detail page which includes the following:

  • Overview

  • Assignments

  • Reporting

Let's dig into each one


  • Click the Edit button to update your course settings. There are 4 options here:

    • Due Date - assign a due date, either a calendar date or a number of days from when the course is assigned. Trainees that miss their due date will receive notifications in the app.

    • Award Certificate - click the toggle to decide whether trainees receive a certificate upon course completion

    • Retry wrong answers - click the toggle to decide whether trainees get one change or two chances to answer a question correctly

    • Passing accuracy percentage - use the drop down to set a passing grade for the course

  • Check the distribution of trainees across all completion statuses - Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Past Due.

  • Set Automated Assignments - Click here to learn more

  • See a preview of the entire course as it appears in the Opus app

  • Click Edit Content to edit the course content


Click here to learn about assignments

Exporting data from the assignments tab of the course detail page:

  1. Click Export next to the Search bar on the right side to download a csv of all trainees who have been assigned this course

  2. Select the check box to the left of the trainee's name(s) to download a csv of all responses from this course.


This section includes a few graphs about the course: Completion by Location, Average Accuracy by Lesson, and Trainee Feedback.

Click here to learn more about Reporting

Course Assignment

Courses are assigned from your Library or your People Page.

Click here to learn about how course assignments work.

Messaging Trainees from the Course Detail Page

  1. Click on the Assignments Tab

  2. Filter trainees by status (Completed, Incomplete) if necessary

  3. Select the trainee(s) you want to message

  4. Message using the purple bar at the bottom of the screen

Sharing and Publishing Courses

All courses you build will be private by default until you publish or share them with someone.

Here is how to share a course:

  1. From the content builder, click the “Share” button to the left of the blue “Publish” button

  2. From the search bar, find the admin or manager you want to invite to collaborate with you

  3. Click the drop down and select either “can edit” or “can comment”

    1. Can edit allows them to change anything in the course and republish

    2. Can comment allows them to leave comments but not change anything

  4. Click the blue “Invite” button on the right

Note: You can also click “copy link” on the bottom right and share the link via email or text and they will be able to comment

Here is how to publish a course:

  1. From the content builder, click the blue publish button in the top right-hand corner of the course page.

  2. Check the settings in the publish modal - they are the same settings available in the course detail page

  3. Confirm access - select whether Admins and Managers can edit the course or comment only

  4. Click the blue Publish button on the bottom right of the modal

The publish button is only clickable once your course has met the basic requirements of an assignable course.

If any vital content elements are missing you will be unable to publish the course and will be directed to the missing elements on the left sidebar with a red dot.

Course Version History

Once a course is published, you have the option to restore an old version of the course.

Here's how to restore an old version:

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to the course name on the left side

  2. Click the version you want to restore from the list on the right side
    Note: The name/date/time of the version you selected will appear at the top

  3. If this is the version you want to restore, click the ellipses on the right sidebar

  4. Click "Restore this version"
    Note: You will have to publish the course to have changes take effect.

Course Reporting in the Dashboard

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